Are you still sending WhatsApp messages from your private number? That can be done smarter!

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by Lars | 23 February 2023 | Blog

It is quite normal for recruiters to email candidates with their work email and not with their private email, but when it comes to sending a message via WhatsApp, this often still goes through your private number. These conversations often contain valuable data for you as a recruiter and for your colleagues. Yet we notice that this can be done much more efficiently and easily.

Do you recognize this and wonder how this can be done smarter? Then read on!

Do you already use WhatsApp to contact candidates? Then you have already taken the first big step! Not doing this yet? Then read our previous blog about the success behind WhatsApp in communicating with candidates.

Many recruiters notice that contact with candidates is often much easier to maintain via WhatsApp. But what many recruiters still don’t know is how to do this as efficiently as possible. But how do you do that?

Help, where is my data?!

Recruiters often send WhatsApp messages from their private phone numbers. The conversations must then all be processed manually in the ATS and the same recruiter is the only one who can view the conversation. Storing this data is therefore still manual work and often takes a lot of time and it is often only partially stored.

With a WhatsApp Business account and our WhatsApp Smart Inbox, you can send WhatsApp messages to your candidates directly from your ATS. These messages are then automatically saved and are visible to all your colleagues. How nice is it that if someone is absent, you can still view the messages and are therefore exactly aware of the candidate’s status?

First aid for integrations

It may sound complicated: from a private number to a WhatsApp Business account, the Smart Inbox, and the link with the ATS. Don’t worry, it’s pretty simple. We already have an existing integration with many ATS systems and we are happy to help you optimize your recruitment process within 4 weeks.

Do you still send messages via your private number or do you notice that the data from those conversations is difficult to process? Book a free demo here to see how our Smart Inbox optimizes your recruitment process.

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