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Bullhorn and Joboti is a winning combination for 24/7 drive

How do you easily and quickly reach international drivers? With that question, Birgit Kwinten of 24/7 drive came to Joboti.


Knowledge blog: what we’ve learned from 42.832 job alerts sent via WhatsApp

We analyzed the job alerts (42832 messages!) that got sent from 13 random Joboti customers. Based on the research results, we give you a number of tips to create the perfect job alert in this blog.



“Leave your message after the beep”

More and more candidates are difficult to reach when they are called and this development has become a real challenge for recruiters to maintain contact with candidates. We know better than anyone how much time this takes for recruiters, but where is the solution, what is the solution and how can I use this solution as a recruiter?


How WhatsApp Business improves your recruitment process?

Recruiters need to know where to find their candidates. With over 2 billion active users worldwide, WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps in the world. WhatsApp Business offers a range of features that make it an ideal tool for recruiters.


Modoc simplifies the application process with WhatsApp

How can you optimally help job seekers find a new job? So no longer just dealing with administrative actions, but adding value where it is actually needed. Carlijn Balink, Online Data Marketeer at Modoc, came to Joboti with that question.



The benefits of using WhatsApp to recruit Generation Y

Recruiting millennials can be a challenging task for many organizations. This generation has grown up in a world of technology and social media and expects a high level of connectivity and communication. WhatsApp can contribute to this!



Just Eat Takeaway crushes conversion with hybrid WhatsApp solution

Just Eat Takeaway and Joboti have sank their teeth into an issue to improve recruitment results and the results are amazing. 90% of candidates now answer the phone. The time-to-hire decreases by 14%, and the conversion increases to 50%. The 24/7 hybrid WhatsApp solution is on fire!


The do’s and don’ts of communicating via WhatsApp

As a recruiter, it is important to communicate with candidates in a professional manner, especially if you do so via WhatsApp. In this blog, we discuss some do’s & don’ts for the tone of WhatsApp messages to candidates.


How Joboti’s solutions make Florys Groep stronger

‘Solutions that reinforce each other’ is the Florys Groep tagline. That credo also fits Joboti well. Florys Groep wanted their various labels to work smarter and more purposefully. What followed was a phased integration of various Joboti solutions.



Joboti is now a Textkernel company

Exciting news from the Joboti offices: Joboti has been acquired by Textkernel.



Our Smart Inbox wins Recruitment Tech Award for Best Tool

Joboti’s WhatsApp Smart Inbox has won the Best Tool award at the 2022 Recruitment Tech Awards!


The success formula of contact with candidates in 2023

Calling a candidate who doesn’t answer. Or send a reminder via email. This is the reality for many recruiters, but through which channel can you best contact candidates?

whatsapp privenummer slimmer

Are you still sending WhatsApp messages from your private number? That can be done smarter!

It is quite normal for recruiters to email candidates with their work email and not with their private email, but when it comes to sending a message via WhatsApp, this often still goes through your private number. These conversations often contain valuable data for you as a recruiter and for your colleagues. Yet we notice that this can be done much more efficiently and easily.


Personal contact is very valuable at Raaak Personeel

As an early adapter of modern means of communication, Raaak Personeel is a forerunner in the temporary employment sector. The ambitions of Raak Personeel are numerous and Joboti has proven to be a solid partner to contribute to the realization of those ambitions.


klantcase lef

LEF takes the next step with Joboti

LEF, an expert in recruitment and selection for jobs in SMEs, has approached Joboti to enable faster communication with their candidates. Joris Verhoeven, co-owner of LEF, tells more about the results they have achieved so far with Joboti’s solutions.



Faster WhatsApp messaging with Smart Inbox

Wiver is an employment agency that provides employees for mainly logistics functions. They have 10 locations throughout the Netherlands. So you can imagine that Wiver’s intermediaries sometimes have to be patient to get hold of all their employees for a new job.



2Contact easily handles 1000 leads per week

Imagine. You are an expert in the field of commercial customer contact and you handle more than 1000 leads for new employees every week. You can imagine that it takes a lot of time and work. Reason enough for Bowy van Dam, Recruitment Manager at 2Contact, to see what Joboti can offer them.


How DPG got a grip on the influx of newspaper deliverers with a data-driven campaign

Due to too high an outflow and too low an influx, DPG Distribution urgently needs 1,000 freelance newspaper deliverers. But how do you make newspaper delivery appealing to young people, without scaring off the important target group of adults and seniors?


de chatbot als recruitment assistent

The chatbot as a recruitment assistent

Do you also spend so much time planning appointments with your candidates? And isn’t this administrative side of your job necessarily your favorite? Then it is ideal if you have a chatbot…

How important is the tone of your chatbot

How important is the tone of your chatbot?

Together with Nicol Tadema from VoorTekst, our Luuk wrote an article for Werf& about the importance of text in a chatbot. As a recruiter, you use a different tone in your selection…

Improve your recruitment processes with WhatsApp

Improve recruitment processes with WhatsApp

Improve recruitment processes with Joboti’s WhatsApp solutions and avoid tedious and time-consuming jobs. Improve recruitment processes with the Joboti WhatsApp solutions. We offer recruiters various options to improve and automate boring and…


Apply in 2 minutes at Easy Way via WhatsApp

Easy Way recruits a high volume of candidates and the target group is diverse. But how have automated application, pre-selection and interview scheduling via WhatsApp significantly improved this process? The Easy Way…

Gamma Banner

Intergamma professionalises recruitment process with Joboti

Intergamma professionalises the recruitment process with the WhatsApp integration of Joboti. On average, the Karwei and GAMMA platforms receive about 1000 applications per week. Previously, the processing of these applications by Intergamma…


Growth investor AP Invest invests in Joboti

The Dutch smart recruitment automation platform Joboti receives a growth investment from AP Invest, an investment company that helps HR and recruitment companies to grow further. “With this investment and through the…


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