Despite the fact that we deal with robots and software on a daily basis, we have remained very human. We are happy to tell you more about Joboti and the faces behind our company.

Things are moving very fast with Joboti: a startup that is conquering the world with a virtual assistant for recruitment applications. Started in 2016, Joboti can already count renowned retailers, accountants and employment agencies among its customers.

The company was founded by Stephan Kockelkoren and Luuk van Neerven. Stephan experimented with artificial intelligence and Natural Language Processing in previous HR startups, Luuk worked as an agency and corporate recruiter. Together they came up with the idea to automate boring and time-consuming recruitment processes through virtual assistants in a fun way, using chatbots. And it worked.

Stephan and Luuk developed Eva, a virtual recruitment assistant, who communicates with candidates or clients through various channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and various widgets. More than 100 companies are now using our smart virtual assistants and Joboti’s phone keeps ringing.

After years of working in the recruitment industry myself, I knew better than anyone what pain points recruiters experience in their daily work. Together with my partner Stephan I came up with a solution: the recruitment chatbot.

Luuk van Neerven

Founder, Joboti

We are Joboti

These are the faces of the people in our company

Luuk van Neerven

Founder & CEO

Stephan Kockelkoren

Founder & CTO

Esther van den Berg

Customer Success Manager

Jan Gossink

Chatbot consultant

Jeroen Beljaars


Jurgen Kruidering


Koen Schutte


Didier Guyon


Chinghao Hsu


Ivan Peev


Ammar Alsasa


Lars van Bergen

Content marketing

Huub Berendsen

Online marketing