Smart recruitment automation

Chatbots for staffing agencies

Do you work in Recruitment & Selection, or at a secondment or staffing agency? Then your job is to find the right person for the right job. A chatbot can support you. It helps you get in touch with your desired candidates even faster.

Chatbots for employers

Looking for new talent for your organisation? A chatbot offers support at all moments that matter throughout the candidate journey. For instance, by answering the ten most frequently asked questions, or by informing the candidate on the status of his or her application.

The benefits of a chatbot

Recruitment chatbot benefits

3x more candidates

A chatbot makes candidates apply quicker, provide more info and sign up faster for job alerts. 


A chatbot screens candidates by asking important pre-selected questions, so you get a quick overview of the candidate and his or her qualities. Of course, you may handpick the questions.


Why use a recruitment chatbot


Our chatbot tosses all data directly into your recruitment system so you can respond faster. In the meantime, the bot is already texting with candidates via WhatsApp, figuring out if they are interested in a certain job and if they are available for the duration of it.

Benefits of a recruitment chatbot

24/7 available

More than half of all conversations are held outside office hours. When everyone else goes home, our chatbot keeps working. It answers candidates’ questions and helps them apply for jobs.  


Curious about the possibilities?

WhatsApp Whitepaper

Who doesn’t use WhatsApp these days? The popular chat app offers numerous possibilities to optimise your recruitment process. Some you might already know, such as applying via WhatsApp. But a chatbot in WhatsApp can do more. We listed all options in a special WhatsApp whitepaper.