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Faster communication with candidates through WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the fastest communication tool for your recruitment process. Joboti offers recruitment solutions through WhatsApp for your entire candidate journey. Start all WhatsApp conversations directly from your own ATS, one-on-one, or with several candidates at once. Voted “Best Tool” by Recruitment Tech, our WhatsApp Smart Inbox helps you find the best candidate quickly.

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Easy messaging sending from your own ATS

The WhatsApp Smart Inbox lets you append directly from your ATS with candidates or contacts ánd automatically saves all conversations.

Send messages to multiple candidates all at once

Joboti’s WhatsApp feature lets you send messages to multiple candidates at the same time, or send them automatically at a pre-set time. For example, to ask candidates if they are available.

Share WhatsApp conversations with your colleagues

All WhatsApp conversations can be transferred and shared with each other. This way, you and your colleagues always have insight into candidate conversations, even if someone is sick or on leave.

Secure and

All WhatsApp conversations and data are stored AVG-proof in your ATS. This keeps the candidate data safe.

WhatsApp solutions for your recruitment

Most of the communication with a candidate nowadays takes place via WhatsApp. It’s no longer, just about how the candidate’s vacation was, or if someone had a nice weekend. But rather about when they are available for an interview, his future salary and more enquiries This information is hugely valuable to recruiters, but currently remains on the phone of the involved recruiter.

If that recruiter becomes sick, goes on leave, or leaves a company, this information is lost. By logging into your ATS, you are automatically connected to our WhatsApp Inbox and send and receive WhatsApp messages directly in your ATS. Complete and AVG-proof.

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And that’s not all. Want to know when your candidates are available, send a job alert or start pre-selection for a vacancy? Joboti’s WhatsApp feature lets you send messages to multiple candidates at once, or send messages automatically at the times you want. Joboti’s virtual assistant responds and records responses into usable data in your ATS. Quick and easy!

Success Stories

Thanks to Joboti’s solutions, we have achieved a time saving of at least 20 to 30 percent on following up on leads. In addition, the reach of the candidates has become a lot better.

Bowy van Dam

Recruitment Manager at 2Contact

With Joboti, we made automated conversations with WhatsApp integration that we used for pre-selection, tests and interview planning.

Maximilian Krijgsman

General manager at Easy Way

It is immposible to imagine a world without Conversational AI. It is an important tool in building rich talent connections.

Geert-Jan Waasdorp

Director at Intelligence Group

Discover everything about our WhatsApp Smart Inbox

WhatsApp has become part and parcel of our daily lives. That’s why, as a recruiter, it makes sense to use WhatsApp for communicating with your candidates. With our WhatsApp Smart Inbox, implementing WhatsApp into your recruitment process is easier than ever. In our video, we explain all the benefits.

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About Joboti

Despite the fact that we deal with robots and software on a daily basis, we have actually remained very human. With a mixed and diverse team of 14 experts, we improve WhatsApp solutions every day to help our clients connect with candidates even faster. We are happy to tell you more about Joboti and the people within our company.

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