The do’s and don’ts of communicating via WhatsApp

by Lars | 28 March 2023 | Blog

As a recruiter, it is important to communicate with candidates in a professional manner, especially if you do so via WhatsApp. Because WhatsApp is actually a very personal and informal medium, the way you write messages can influence the candidate’s perception of you and your company. In this blog, we discuss some do’s & don’ts for the tone of WhatsApp messages to candidates.

We kick off the list of do’s with the most obvious, namely: be polite and professional. It’s important to remain polite and professional when communicating with candidates, even if you use informal language. Avoid foul language and also avoid inappropriate jokes or sarcasm.

Below are a number of important do’s during your communication with candidates via WhatsApp.

  • Keep it short and concise. Candidates may not have much time to chat, so keep your messages short and concise. This means that you should focus on the most important information and not immediately give all kinds of unnecessary details.
  • Be clear. It is important to be clear and direct when communicating with candidates via WhatsApp. Avoid using complicated jargon and explain any unfamiliar terms.
  • Confirm appointments. When you make an appointment with a candidate, confirm the details via WhatsApp. This ensures that there can be no misunderstandings.
  • Use a friendly tone. While you should always remain professional, it’s also important to use a friendly tone. This ensures that candidates feel comfortable and maintain their interest in the position.

Then the don’ts. Most are fairly self-explaining, but it’s good to read them again.

  • Do not use abbreviations. Using abbreviations can be confusing for candidates, especially if they’re not familiar with your company’s terminology. Avoid using abbreviations, especially if you can’t explain them.
  • Avoid spelling and grammatical errors. Makes sense, right? But it happens more often than you think. Spelling and grammatical errors appear unprofessional and can damage your company’s reputation. Always check your messages before sending them.
  • Do not send unnecessary messages. Avoid sending unnecessary messages or sending messages outside office hours. This can be perceived as disruptive by the candidate and may even damage interest in the vacancy.
  • Avoid sending emojis. Using emojis can appear unprofessional and distract from the content of the message. Especially if it is the first time you have contact with a candidate. Therefore, avoid using emojis in your messages.
  • Do not send personal messages. In your case, you use WhatsApp professionally. It is therefore not appropriate to send personal messages to candidates. Keep your communications professional and job-focused.

The way you communicate with candidates via WhatsApp can have a major impact on their perception of you as a recruiter and the company you work for. It is therefore important to remain polite and professional at all times.

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