The benefits of using WhatsApp to recruit Generation Y

by Lars | 18 April 2023 | Blog

Recruiting millennials, also known as Generation Y, can be a challenging task for many organizations. This generation has grown up in a world of technology and social media and expects a high level of connectivity and communication. A platform that is becoming increasingly popular for recruiters is WhatsApp.

In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at the proverbial benefits of using WhatsApp to recruit Generation Y.

Direct communication

One of the biggest benefits of using WhatsApp for recruiters is the ability to communicate directly with potential candidates. Millennials are used to instant responses and often prefer messages over phone calls or emails. WhatsApp allows recruiters to send and receive messages in real time, making the recruitment process a lot more efficient and responsive.

Increased involvement

WhatsApp is of course very informal and it allows for a more conversational approach to communication. This helps to increase engagement with potential candidates. Recruiters use WhatsApp to answer candidate questions, provide updates on the application process, and share relevant information about the organization and the position. This helps to build a relationship with candidates and increase their interest in the position.

More personal

Recruiting millennials requires a personalized approach, and WhatsApp helps with that. Recruiters use WhatsApp to send personalized messages and tailored information to each candidate based on their skills, experience and interests. This helps to create positive candidate engagement and increase the chances of a successful recruitment.

Accessible and useful

Millennials are always on the go and often use their mobile devices (phone, tablet, laptop) to communicate. WhatsApp can be accessed from anywhere, making it a convenient option for both recruiters and candidates. Recruiters can use WhatsApp to reach candidates at any time, without the need for a formal interview or meeting.

Bottom line, we can conclude that using WhatsApp to recruit millennials offers several benefits for recruiters, including direct communication, increased engagement, more personalization and accessibility. By using WhatsApp in the recruitment process, recruiters can create a more efficient and effective hiring process that meets the needs of today’s tech-savvy and mobile-oriented generation.

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