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by Lars | 21 April 2023 | Blog

How can you optimally help job seekers find a new job? So no longer just dealing with administrative actions, but adding value where it is actually needed. Carlijn Balink, Online Data Marketeer at Modoc, came to Joboti with that question.

Curious about the story of Modoc? Then read on quickly!

Modoc was founded in 2010 by Marja de Heer and Linda van Wensen, mother and daughter. The name Modoc is therefore a combination of the Dutch words for MOther and DOChter. With their unique view of the recruitment and HR industry, they have been distinctive in the field from the start.

Personal values and talent management are important at Modoc, which has resulted in great collaborations and long-term relationships. With these two pillars in mind, it is important for Modoc employees to be able to communicate quickly with their (prospective) candidates. Carlijn Balink, Online Data Marketeer at Modoc, knocked on Joboti’s door to see if Joboti’s automations could help Modoc further.

What was the situation like at Modoc before you started working with Joboti?

Carlijn: “Before we worked with Joboti and especially the Smart Inbox, we used WhatsApp Business. At our two locations in Tholen and Etten-Leur, there was an iPhone with WhatsApp Business on it, which we could use to text with our professionals. This was in the beginning, as a first step, an excellent solution to speed up our contact with professionals and of course to keep up with the digital developments But because we work hybrid at Modoc and not every colleague is in the office every day, that one iPhone was no longer enough. Who manages WhatsApp? How do we make sure we don’t miss messages? Does everyone record the conversations in our system? This was the biggest drawback for us, so we started looking further.”

Eventually, Modoc ended up with Joboti, a choice they are still happy with. “With Joboti we can do everything from Bullhorn,” says Carlijn. “The platform for texting with professionals works easily and is very accessible. Everyone can have chat conversations with professionals from behind their laptops and the conversations are automatically saved in our ATS. We can take over conversations from each other and everyone sees what is being communicated. This is very important for our business because we want to switch quickly and be aware of each other.”

Do you notice the added value of the Smart Inbox and the automations?

Carlijn: “Because the latent job seeker is our largest target group, we also notice that many professionals do not answer their phone during working hours. Sending an app back, on the other hand, is done in no time. This saves time for us, the professionals, and ultimately for the customer.”

So Carlijn is not only satisfied with the Smart Inbox, but Joboti’s automations also offer a lot of added value for Modoc. “The Joboti automations, such as the Job Alerts, really add something. We can send apps to our candidates with a simple button to ask if they are interested in a vacancy. This provides extra time to focus on what is really important, namely personal contact and the connection between employer and employee.”

Finally, Modoc uses Apply via Whatsapp via Joboti. “As far as we are concerned, this is a must in this current market and time”, emphasizes Carlijn. “We want to make the application process as simple as possible. Since most people spend a lot of time on their mobile and therefore also apply via their mobile, Whatsapp is the solution for us. And these applications and messages also automatically end up in our system.”

An implementation can sometimes be a difficult process. How did the implementation at Modoc go?

“The implementation process went smoothly. With my own environment within the Joboti portal, I could easily take the steps that were necessary and I also had contact with Esther a few times to discuss everything. The only thing I ran into was the link with Facebook Business, but this was more due to Facebook than Joboti.”

Do you have a last word for the doubters?

“So if you want to speed up, digitize and automate your recruitment process, Joboti is a great solution. As far as we’re concerned, the Smart Inbox is really the one thing we can’t do without,” concludes Carlijn.

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