Knowledge blog: what we’ve learned from 42.832 job alerts sent via WhatsApp

by Lars | 9 August 2023 | Blog

One of the automations that Joboti offers in the Pro subscription is the Jobalert. This allows you to send a specific vacancy to selected candidates via WhatsApp. Based on the candidate’s response, we can automatically update his or her status in your ATS. Job alerts can also be sent by email, but the odds that your email will be read and the candidate will actually respond to it is in practice very small. The open rate of a WhatsApp message is over 90% and the response rate is well over 50%!

We analyzed the job alerts (42832 messages!) that got sent from 13 random Joboti customers. Based on the research results, we give you a number of tips to create the perfect job alert in this blog.

What exactly is a job alert?

A job alert is an automation that Joboti offers; a specific vacancy to a candidate in which you, as a recruiter, ask whether he or she might be interested in a vacancy that you currently offer. At Joboti we choose to offer a job alert via WhatsApp. Messages via WhatsApp have a higher open rate than email and the response rate is also a lot higher than with email.

Factors to take into account

To send a good job alert, you need to take a number of factors into account.

  • Personal touch: first of all, as a recruiter, you always have to give a personal touch to the starting message.
  • The time: second is the time of sending a job alert. Our data has shown that the morning between 7 am and 9 am (with a response rate of over 60%) and the lunch period between 11 am and 1 pm (with a response rate of more than 55%) have the best chance of success. But also consider sending a job alert outside working hours. In principle, candidates are then not at work and have plenty of time to read and answer your message.
  • The day: if we delve further into the data, we can also see which day is most successful for sending a job alert. Mondays (with a response percentage of over 56%) and Wednesdays (55%) are the best days, followed by Fridays (50%).

The prefect jobalert

As a recruiter, you can write your initial message in many different ways. The main difference is the tone companies give in that first message. Some companies come across as very personal and want to make it look like the candidate is talking to a real person, while others say right away that they are talking to a chatbot. However, the last group of companies opts for the middle ground.

A message with a personal touch is always the best solution. But our data also shows that almost 65% of companies opt for the middle ground, i.e. a combination between the personal message and the chatbot. A great alternative, as long as you mention the name of the recruiter. For example, take a look at this message:Hi <name>, This is a message from Suus, the digital recruiter of SchaalX. We may have a nice job available for you as <position> at <company>. Would you like to know more about this?Or this one:Hi <name>! At Modoc, we have a new vacancy that may be of interest to you It concerns <position> in <city>. Are your interested?.

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