Just Eat Takeaway crushes conversion with hybrid WhatsApp solution

by Lars | 18 April 2023 | Blog

What if a large proportion of your applicants are difficult to reach by telephone, but this is a crucial step in your process? What if you have to reject many candidates because you try to call many times without results? And what if you develop a hybrid WhatsApp solution where automations and local recruiters come together seamlessly in one environment to convert candidates to a hire more often and faster?

Just Eat Takeaway and Joboti have sank their teeth into an issue to improve recruitment results and the results are amazing. 90% of candidates now answer the phone. The time-to-hire decreases by 14%, and the conversion increases to 50%. The 24/7 hybrid WhatsApp solution is on fire!

Volume recruitment is the order of the day for recruiting couriers in the 13 countries where Just Eat Takeaway is active. Process hundreds of thousands of applicants in a personal way, supported by handy technology. This is the basis for the 24/7 hybrid WhatsApp solution that Just Eat Takeaway has developed in collaboration with Joboti.

In the Netherlands, candidates are offered the opportunity to immediately schedule an appointment with the recruiter. In Spain and Israel, a Q&A flow is first used, in which the candidate receives 3 questions. 3 times a ‘YES’ means highest priority and these candidates go directly to the calendar functionality. With one or more answers with ‘NO’, the chatbot transfers the conversation to the recruiter to take over. These candidates have lower priority and the recruiter can look at the possibilities with the candidate.

What was the impact of the case?

The number of candidates who indicate WhatsApp as their preferred channel is the vast majority. In many countries, Just Eat Takeaway has a very fast application process, so you will receive many emails in a short time regarding the next step in the process. The result may be that not all e-mails receive the correct attention, with the risk of failure in the process. With WhatsApp, Just Eat Takeaway believes in a solution where all communication comes together in one clear chat.

In addition, the accessibility of candidates is a major point of attention. A significant part of the target group is young and not always easily accessible by telephone when we contact them: on working days between 10 am and 6 pm. Nevertheless, conducting a telephone conversation of no more than fifteen minutes for Just Eat Takeaway is a crucial step in the recruitment process. This is the moment that the recruiter speaks to the candidate, checks the data provided, explains the job in more detail and ensures that there is a good fit on the basics (right bike, availability, location, etc.), but also the soft factors.

With this solution, the telephone process has been greatly improved. A higher first time right when calling candidates, which ensures a decrease in rejected candidates with the reason ‘unreachable’. Also the conversion (up to +50% improvement) and the time to hire (-14%). In addition, the work for the recruiter has become much more enjoyable: more good conversations, less unnecessary time spent on unanswered contact attempts.

This customer case is our joint entry for the Werf& Awards 2023 and can be read in full on this website.

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