2Contact easily handles 1000 leads per week

by Lars | 22 February 2023 | Blog

Imagine. You are an expert in the field of commercial customer contact and you handle more than 1000 leads for new employees every week. You can imagine that it takes a lot of time and work. Reason enough for Bowy van Dam, Recruitment Manager at 2Contact, to see what Joboti can offer them.

Curious about the story of 2Contact? Then read on quickly!

The employees of 2Contact work from home and in order to do their work properly, it is important that the employees have their own laptop or PC that runs at least on Windows 10. Before 2Contact started working with Joboti, many candidates dropped out during the application process when asking about these specific conditions.

“We spent a lot of time calling people who weren’t actually a match for us in advance,” says Bowy. “You can obviously spend that time more efficiently. Thanks to Joboti’s solutions, we have achieved a time saving of at least 20 to 30 percent on following up on leads. In addition, the range has improved a lot because we now know the best times to call the candidates.”

Lots of time savings for recruiters

Thanks to Joboti’s Pre-selection solution, 2Contact can easily request these wishes automatically, and thus make a pre-selection, when candidates indicate via social media that they are interested in the position.

In addition, 2Contact received a lot of candidates via Facebook lead forms. A quick way to recruit a lot of employees, the only downside was that they didn’t get all these leads quickly. By linking Joboti to Facebook’s lead forms, these leads, and there are certainly about 1000 per week, automatically receive an app to follow up on the application. That saves a lot of time for the recruiters at 2Contact.

Bowy’s team handles over 1,000 leads per week

“You know, the traditional 9-to-5 recruitment is gone,” Bowy explains. “It is much more difficult for us to get hold of candidates within traditional office hours. In addition, we are looking for latent job seekers who also want to work in the evenings. So what do you do then? You adjust your times, so we now work until 9 p.m. As a result, our conversion shot up.”

A lot of solutions

In addition to Joboti’s Preselection and Facebook lead forms solutions, 2Contact also uses our WhatsApp Smart Inbox. Smart Inbox is a handy tool that allows 2Contact recruiters to WhatsApp their candidates directly from Carerix. Pretty convenient, because 2Contact’s relatively young target group uses WhatsApp a lot on a daily basis.

“That target group would much rather send a WhatsApp message than call them,” says Bowy. “That is why we have chosen to do the entire onboarding via WhatsApp. So from planning training sessions to signing the employment contracts. The younger target group reads very little mail and WhatsApp is an accessible and accessible platform to reach these young people.”

Final words

What does Bowy want to give everyone on the threshold of the new year? Why should people use Joboti’s solutions? Bowy: “I can make a long speech, but I like to keep it short: hello 2023! If you are not yet using tools that make your life as a recruiter easier, then you have completely missed the boat.”

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