Smart recruitment chatbots

24/7 accessible for your candidates. Get more applicants.


The chatbot gets candidates to reply sooner, they leave more personal info and subscribe to a job alert.


When the office's empty, our chatbot works on. Answering questions and dealing with applications. 


The chatbot screens candidates by asking the most important questions in a chat conversation.


This is how it works

Launching a chatbot has a lot of benefits, but let's start with those that might the most important:


Our references

Would you like more information? We are happy to connect you to one of our customers. Among our portfolio companies are: international employment agencies, headhunters, hospitals and retailers. 

“Because of Eva our candidates can reach us now 24/7”

“The chatbot increases our conversion rate with over 30 procent.”

“Candidates can book their interview themselves. Very efficient.”

Lindy Hage


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