We thoroughly believe in the saying: Let the cobbler stick to his last. We learn more of the outstanding world of chatbots every day, and we would like to stick to upgrading our smart recruitmant chatbots.

Our partners understand  the wishes and needs of their own customers way better than we do, more often than not. We like to listen to their ideas on, for example, new applications of our chatbot or linking to new recruitmentsystems. Our current customerportfolio exists out of multiple, diverse ATS-systems, besides a few strategic recruitment consultants. And even big businesses like Microsoft and Google. 

The way we work together with our customers, differs: from sharing interesting companies to entire (white lable) integrations into the platform of our partners. Our platform offers every partner the possibility to launch their own chatbot within four weeks.

If you would like to know more about the options of cooperation and integration, we would like to hear from you.




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