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Joboti is soaring: a startup that came up with a chatbot for recruitment usage that is taking over the world. Started in 2016, the company from Amsterdam may already be of service to renowned banks, accountants and employment agencies. 

The company is established by Stephan Kockelkoren and Luuk van Neerven. Kockelkoren experimented with artificial intelligence and natural language processing in former HR-startups; Van Neervan worked as a corporate recruiter. Together, they came to the idea to automatize the boring and time consuming HR-processes in a innovating way: by using chatbots. It payed off.

The two men from Amsterdam developed a virtual HR-assistent named Eva. She communicates with employees or candidates by using diverse chatcanals, like Skype for Business, Facebook Messenger or a private widget. Multiple companies use this smart virtual assistent today. Joboti's telephone keeps ringing. 





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