Virtual assistent in WhatsApp

All your candidates have WhatsApp, or at least ALMOST all your candidates. WhatsApp is in the top 3 of most used apps for almost every candidate. You can easily connect our virtual recruitment assistant to WhatsApp. For this you need a WhatsApp Business account that you connect to a new or an existing phone number. This can be a mobile number, but it can also be the current landline number of your organization. All conversations that our virtual assistant has with candidates in WhatsApp are registered and logged -fully GDPR proof- in your ATS. That way everyone is always informed.

With Smart Inbox you can send fully personalized messages to candidates from your ATS. This prevents you from constantly working on different devices. Smart Inbox offers a hybrid chat function via WhatsApp. Our virtual recruitment assistant can conduct a large part of the conversations. And if personal follow-up is required, the conversation will be forwarded to the recruiter involved. As icing on the cake all conversations are logged, completely GDPR proof. No more hassle with transferring information to your colleagues. Your conversations are always visible to your colleagues. This way everyone is always up to date on the current state of affairs and agreements that were made.

Key benefits

  • 99% of your candidates uses WhatsApp
  • Candidates respond -much- faster to a WhatsApp message than to an email or voicemail
  • All WhatsApp conversations with our virtual recruitment assistant are logged in your ATS
  • Answering (application) questions via chat is experienced as more pleasant by candidates than via an application form
  • Candidates have proven to leave more data in a dialogue than via a form