The chatbot as a recruitment assistent

de chatbot als recruitment assistent
by Lars | 23 February 2022 | Blog

Do you also spend so much time planning appointments with your candidates? And isn’t this administrative side of your job necessarily your favorite? Then it is ideal if you have a chatbot as a recruitment assistant who can arrange this for you. You can focus on what you are good at: binding people and be captivating. And such a virtual assistant is easier to arrange than you think.

The challenge of planning

Making an appointment with a candidate in your calendar sounds like an easy task. But as a recruiter you know that it often takes quite some time before this is arranged. Missing each others calls, sending emails back and forth, and finding a time that works for both of you; often a week passes before you have even made an appointment.

The chatbot as a recruitment assistent

A chatbot as a recruitment assistant speeds up this process considerably. It can be connected to your calendar and integrated with your ATS. If the first selection with the candidate has been made via the chatbot, an appointment can be scheduled immediately. For you as a recruiter, this means a smoother selection process and fewer administrative tasks. Your candidate does not have to wait as long and has more clarity about his opportunities. He or she can plan his own intake 24/7.

The chatbot ensures quality and quantity

Thanks to the chatbot as a recruitment assistant, you immediately connect the best candidates to your company. As soon as someone with a suitable profile is interested in a vacancy, he can immediately schedule a moment to meet you. Even if this happens late at night or on the weekend. The analysis of our clients shows that almost half of all candidates schedule their intake outside office hours. This way you will never miss the best people who are a perfect fit for a vacancy.

If you have a request where you are looking for large groups of people, the chatbot will help to fill selection days. The chatbot takes care of the pre-selection for you and schedules conversations. This way you have a maximum selection day with good candidates with minimal input.

Less administration, more unity

The sooner someone has an appointment with you, the stronger someone will feel connected to you. The chatbot not only helps you with administrative tasks, but also with building a relationship with your candidates. Ideal, then, such a virtual assistant. Joboti already links to Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar and various calendars from ATS systems.

Curious about all the possibilities of our chatbot as a recruitment assistant? Then schedule a free personal demo here!

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