Connect with candidates by sending automated job alerts or answering frequently asked questions. Our virtual recruitment assistant can take a lot of work off your hands.

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Candidates have questions. About your company, the application procedure or the desired qualifications. Those questions can arise for a candidate outside office hours, just when you, as a recruiter, are at the gym or just watching Netflix. Because almost half of these questions are asked after working hours or on weekends.

Our virtual assistant can answer more than 80% of the frequently asked questions; of course completely in your tone of voice. Questions to which the virtual assistant has no answer are immediately forwarded to the recruiter involved.

Job alert

Job alerts point out interesting new assignments or vacancies to your candidates. Normally you send these via email, where they get lost in a web of hundreds of other emails. You want to make your job alert stand out!

Thanks to our integration with WhatsApp, your candidates see your job alerts immediately –PING– on their phone. A WhatsApp message is opened by 99% of the candidates. People also respond much faster to a WhatsApp message than to an email. Also handy: the candidate’s response is immediately processed in your ATS.



We see that candidates make a contact request faster via a virtual assistant than via a contact form. As soon as this happens, our virtual recruitment assistant directly forwards the candidate’s request to the recruiter involved. The virtual assistant can also ensure that your colleague is well prepared.

Maximilian Krijgsman

Nice integration with a full ATS connection

With Joboti we realized automated candidate conversations with WhatsApp integration that we use for pre-selection and test and interview planning with the full data link to our ATS HROffice.

Maximilian Krijgsman

General Manager, Easy Way