Solutions in get_noticed

Do you have a nice career site from get_noticed or do you use Serena’s CMS for your recruitment marketing? Nice! Our solutions fully integrate with the websites of these professionals from Amsterdam and Nederweert. From the ability to answer frequently asked questions to scheduling interviews and apply via WhatsApp.

Thanks to the collaboration between get_noticed and Joboti, it is possible to show the candidate the best matching vacancies based on the data entered during a chat conversation. In addition, the chatbot can create a candidate profile in get_noticed based on the chat conversation. This saves a lot of time and is completely GDPR proof. The chatbot can even take over the application form and let the candidate apply via chat. Because the chatbot can be linked to the get_noticed calendar, it is possible for the candidate to book an appointment himself.

“Because we work together with Joboti, we can offer our customers extra functionality and service. We can easily integrate the recruitment chatbot on careers or recruitment websites. We can then let candidates apply via WhatsApp and all collected data ends up in the relevant ATS of the customer. This way we make applying even easier and we can help our customers even better.”

Key features and benefits

  • FAQ
  • Job alert
  • Apply
  • WhatsApp apply
  • Pre select
  • Interview scheduling