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Carerix is the first ATS that we connected with Joboti. Not only can we import candidate data into Carerix, but we can also easily start conversations with your existing candidates via WhatsApp. And if you want to schedule an appointment in your Carerix calendar, you can do that in no time. As a recruiter, you can easily instantly send a WhatsApp message to a group of candidates, for example asking if they are available or interested in a specific job or assignment.

Free whitepaper: 7 applications of WhatsApp

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With Smart Inbox you can send fully personalized messages to candidates directly from Carerix. This prevents you from constantly working on different devices. Smart Inbox offers a hybrid chat function. Our virtual recruitment assistant can conduct a large part of the conversations. And if personal follow-up is required, the conversation will be forwarded to the recruiter involved. As icing on the cake all conversations are logged, completely GDPR proof. No more hassle with transferring information to your colleagues. Your conversations are always visible to your colleagues. This way everyone is always up to date on the current state of affairs and agreements that were made.

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  • Smart Inbox

Recruitment Tech Awards 2022

We hebben de Recruitmenttech.nl Awards gewonnen! Iedereen heel erg bedankt voor jullie steun en stemmen in de afgelopen tijd. We hadden het niet zonder jullie gekund!