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Category: staffing-recruitment | 21 February 2023

Regiodienst sets a new standard in recruitment automation

Regiodienst has recently started using a new integration to help both candidates and clients as quickly and efficiently as possible. With this integration, the best match between candidate and company is automatically made and the first contact with the candidate is then made via an automated WhatsApp message. With this, the agency sets a new standard when it comes to the smart use of data and automation during the recruitment process. Nelson Jonker, partner at Regiodienst, talks about his expectations of this new integration.

regiodienst nelson jonker
Nelson Jonker, partner at Regiodienst

The will to do things smarter

Regiodienst has been active in the world of recruitment for 12 years and helps candidates to find their dream job in technology. Nelson says that they have now built up a large database with both clients and candidates. “With such a large database, we felt the need to do things smarter. So that we work more efficiently and can help more candidates. This need led to the desire to further automate the recruitment process. This resulted in a new integration of De Virtual Sales Recruiter, a combination of labor market data from Jobdigger and the matching techniques from theMatchBox, and Joboti within our ATS Carerix.

Roderik Visser, Senior Customer Success Manager at Carerix, sees this as a new opportunity and positive development for the recruitment process. “At Carerix we look at this integration with happy eyes. Especially for recruiters who already used labor market data, the addition of automated matching and the use of a professional chat service to their working method is a smart and logical next step.”

Let us explain

The integration that Regiodienst uses consists of two steps. The first step is to find suitable vacancies for candidates: making the match. With the use of De Virtual Sales Recruiter, recruiters immediately save a lot of time. This virtual assistant helps recruiters quickly and efficiently find matches within their ATS, giving them access to both internal and external candidate and job sources. The matching options of theMatchBox and the labor market and vacancy data of Jobdigger together provide optimal insight into the labor market.

When De Virtual Sales Recruiter has made a suitable match, the second step is to contact the candidate at the right time. “Connecting with suitable candidates is a very time-consuming process,” says Nelson. Joboti’s chat service helps with that. With fully automated conversations via Whatsapp, you reach candidates more easily and they decide for themselves at what time they read and reply to the message.

regiodienst recruitment automation
Regiodienst sets a new standard in recruitment automation

Setting up integration in working method

Regiodienst is currently testing the service in several steps. “You have to organize such an integration properly according to your working method and you cannot apply it from one day to the next. You can see it as a new way of recruitment. That requires a lot of testing in the initial phase. The first colleagues are now doing this and are sharing their experiences within Regiodienst. Thanks to Jobdigger’s labor market data, we come into contact with new companies. This way we can place more and more candidates. That used to be a lot more difficult. The Virtual Sales Recruiter from Jobdigger and theMatchBox is increasingly being used. We are still in the testing phase.”

Adelbert Smal (Jobdigger) and Jan Govaerts (theMatchBox), initiators of De Virtual Sales Recruiter, also see this as the next step in automating the recruitment process. Adelbert: “Regiodienst takes a huge step forward in smart working with more time for the right candidates, matches and new customers by using the Virtual Sales Recruiter. The most promising leads and candidates are automatically prepared for you.” Jan agrees: “Due to the developments in the field of data and precise matching technology on the market, it is increasingly possible to set up these kinds of end-to-end integrations in your recruitment process, to save maximum time and not to more opportunities to miss.”

Chat via Joboti

When the match has been made by the Virtual Sales Recruiter, the next challenge awaits: contact with the candidate. “At Regiodienst we call a lot, but candidates in the technology sector are not always easy to reach by phone. They are often on the construction site and are unable to answer the phone. Then it is very useful if you can use an automated WhatsApp chat service such as Joboti,” says Nelson.

“With Joboti’s virtual assistant, we send the candidate an automated message with our vacancy offer via WhatsApp. Candidates can view and respond to these vacancies at a time that suits them best.” Then Joboti automatically continues the conversation. “The purpose of the WhatsApp contact is for the candidate to make an appointment with the recruiter. The candidate can schedule the appointment himself via WhatsApp, making it more accessible. It saves us a lot of time. Time that we like to invest at the moment that an appointment has been made.”

More personal through automation

“Isn’t recruitment really a people’s profession? and shouldn’t you keep it personal?” That is a question that Luuk van Neerven, founder of Joboti, often gets. “With all the automations we make the profession very personal. We can help the candidate much faster and invest more time in the personal interview. It is also easier and more fun for the candidate, without old-fashioned job alerts via e-mail and endless searches on job websites.”

The first successes for Regiodienst have now been achieved, according to Nelson. “With the help of Jobdigger’s labor market data, we have already been able to provide a number of candidates with a wonderful new job. And we haven’t even used the entire integration yet. That bodes well for the future.”

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