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Recruitment automations

Find out during which phases of the process we can support you.

Joboti lets you work even smarter. Part of the recruitment process is being digitalised which makes you reach higher conversion ratios, 24/7 availability, speed, efficiency and an improved customer experience. 



Candidates have questions. About your company, about application procedures and about the qualifications a job requires. These questions can easily pop up outside office hours, when you as a recruiter are working up a sweat at the gym or watching Netflix on your couch. Almost 50% of all questions are asked after five or in the weekend. Our virtual assistant can answer 80% of FAQ within the course of one month, in your tone of voice. Any questions it might now know the answer to, the chatbot will send to your inbox. The candidate chooses whether he or she receives a reply via email, WhatsApp, or by other means.


We discovered that candidates send a contact request much faster with the help of a chatbot than via a website form. The chatbot immediately forwards the request to the concerned branch or to the recruiter involved. It can also ensure your colleague is prepared.

Job alerts


Job alerts attract candidates for interesting new assignments or vacancies. You have always sent them by email, and they got lost in endless lists. But you want your job alerts to stand out! Joboti offers you a way to send them via WhatsApp and make your selected candidates read them directly on their smartphones. Ping! A WhatsApp text is read by 99% of all candidates, as people respond much faster via chat than via email. Any reply will be integrated into the ATS system immediately. Meanwhile, our chatbot continues to work, and sends an email to the recruiter as soon as a candidate shows interest in a new assignment.

During application



Chances are the ‘apply’ button is the most important thing on your ‘work at’ page or vacancy website. We believe that applying can go faster. Much faster. Via our chatbot or WhatsApp, applying for a job is done in a jiffy. As a result you will receive many more applications, and you can ask your candidates any questions you might have, straight away. What a bonus! 

Simply by adding a WhatsApp button to your website, candidates are encouraged to apply via chat. After they enter their phone number and agree to the terms of the chat, you are engaged! The questions the chatbot asks candidates about each specific vacancy are handpicked by you. You also decide on the language and tone of voice in which you approach your target audience. 

You won’t even need to contact your web builder: Google Tag Manager adds the button to your website. And of course, Joboti will offer support.


And this is possible at the very moment a candidate applies, but also afterwards, for instance via an application form. If a candidate only provided his name, phone number and email address on your website, it is difficult.

Scheduling interviews


A new candidate applies. You are excited about his or her profile and you want to invite him/her for an interview. Back in the days you would have had to find a time in your schedule, email possible dates, wait for a reply and then finally schedule the interview. 

We speed up the process! When you tick your candidate’s box in your ATS, our chatbot immediately sends a WhatsApp text telling him or her the good news. It also gives possible dates for the job interview. The candidate is able to schedule his/her own interview because we sync your calendar in real time. This saves you at least ten minutes, per candidate.

Availability check

A candidate might be the best guy or girl for the job, but if he or she is not available, it is no use leaving three voicemail messages. How can you easily monitor the availability of your candidates? Well, with the help of our chatbot, of course! It asks candidates about their current availability in a WhatsApp text. When a candidate updates his/her availability via WhatsApp, our chatbot integrates the new info into your ATS. From now on you will always know which candidates to approach. Saves you the trouble!

Updates on applications

Order an air mattress today at Bol.com or Coolblue and you can trace its tracks 24/7: is it still in the warehouse or will the mailman ring your doorbell any minute now?

It’s a different story when you apply for a job. If you’re lucky you will be sent a boring email stating that your application has been received in good order. And then… silence. This is weird, because we believe applying for a new job is a more life changing event than ordering an air mattress.

Using a chatbot in WhatsApp will immensely improve the candidate experience of your application process. For example, by sending candidates an automatic message after having taken a certain step in the procedure. We’d like to underline the word ‘automatic’, for recruiters are busy enough as they are conducting intakes, discussing the terms of employment and hunting for suitable candidates. An automatic WhatsApp text can update candidates 24/7 on their process, same as on the air mattress. You might also want to give tips before the interview takes place. In case a candidate still has questions, the chatbot will let the recruiter know. Again: automatically. Pretty clever, hey?

Events | Fairs

Imagine you will be attending a career fair. You will wish to obtain data of visitors who show interest in your company. Potential candidates visiting your stand can scan a QR code with their smartphones, and a WhatsApp chat will start automatically. This gives you the opportunity to ask questions and point out career options in your organisation. All data are neatly integrated into a recruitment system, both the chat log and the source, to help you remember who registered at which event.



Do you own shops? Then candidates can rock up to ask about job opportunities. Of course you want to make it easy for them to apply. Via a QR code you start a chat in WhatsApp. And by linking a unique QR code to every branch, the chatbot will know where the conversation takes place and the dialogue will be adjusted to the specific location. Within a few minutes the candidate will have applied and all data will appear in the recruitment system.

After application


Our chatbot can be used for every single phase of the application process. After every step you can easily ask for feedback via WhatsApp, for instance after an interview or when finishing up the process. Our chatbot links the feedback to the candidate’s profile in the ATS and emails the results to the recruiter concerned.

Keeping your profile up to date | GDPR

According to the Dutch AVG-law you must frequently ask your candidates if they still consent to you retaining their data. Many companies send emails with a request for permission. Not everybody reads these emails. Depending on your privacy policy you need to remove candidates from your ATS system who do not reply. Such a waste of the relationship with the candidate you had developed. And very time consuming.

A chatbot is the solution! Candidates receive your request for retaining their data in a short WhatsApp text, directly on their smartphones. They can text back a yes or a no and the job is done. The chatbot also registers the answer into the ATS.

A WhatsApp text is read by 99% of people. Significantly more than emails are. Moreover, the response rate is much higher: in our experience three times as many candidates reply to questions asked in a text message. Therefore, a lot more candidates will grant their permission to retain data, so all your hard work was not in vain.

Curious about the possibilities?