Personal contact is very valuable at Raaak Personeel

by Lars | 22 February 2023 | Blog

As an early adopter of modern means of communication, Raak Personeel is a forerunner in the temporary employment sector. But that is also necessary with 17 branches spread over South Holland, North Brabant and Utrecht and more than 120 employees. And then we’re not even talking about all the candidates that are being discussed. The ambitions of Raak Personeel are numerous and Joboti has proven to be a solid partner to contribute to the realization of those ambitions.

Curious about the story of Raaak Personeel? Then read on quickly!

Raak Personeel is a modern temporary employment agency that approaches matters slightly differently than the average broadcaster. What they do, they explain very simply on their website. “We help people find work. You start on a temporary basis or on the basis of recruitment and selection. In the first case you will first work through us, in the second case you will go directly to your new employer. Fun fact: 70% of the people we recruit eventually get a permanent job.”

Good figures at a time when staff is hard to find, but that doesn’t make the job any easier. Andreas Bouman, Marketing Manager at Raaak Personeel, knocked on Joboti’s door to see if Joboti’s solutions could help Raaak Personeel.

Andreas Bouman, Marketing Manager at Raaak Personeel

What was the situation like at Raak Personeel before you started working with Joboti?

Andreas: “At Raaak Personeel we stand for personal contact. A few years ago we already saw the need to communicate via WhatsApp. If almost the whole of the Netherlands sends apps, why wouldn’t you apply this in a business-like way? Yet this was easier said than done. done. You want to do it right. The chatbot was also a wish. But here too: it is nice to have, but it must help the user. It must make communication easier and better, not more complicated. And in the end has that goal been achieved.”

An implementation can sometimes be a difficult process. How did the implementation at Raak Personeel go?

“The chatbot really took some getting used to,” Andreas admits. “The most important lesson? Keep it simple. At first we wanted the chatbot to do too much, but for complex questions, human contact works best. For simple questions, the chatbot works well We also use it to our full satisfaction for job applications. People love applying via WhatsApp. The users like the communication, and we can follow up quickly.”

Do you have any last word for the doubters?

Andreas: “Users love the easy way to contact them. In our contact center, our colleagues also find it a quick way to communicate. It’s a real win-win situation. The next step is full integration with our CRM and the rest of the company. That is the goal for next year, with every confidence that it will work out.”

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