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Add WhatsApp to OTYS with Joboti. With the Smart Inbox you can easily start WhatsApp conversations with candidates from OTYS, receive messages and directly save each conversation. Or use the virtual assistant in WhatsApp to send out availability checks, messages, or job alerts. Find out about all possibilities Joboti has to offer in OTYS.

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WhatsApp solution in OTYS

Start conversations and receive messages in WhatsApp and save them automatically from OTYS. This way, you and your colleagues always have an insight in what’s been discussed with the candidate. Extensive and GDPR-proof. 

And that’s just the beginning. Do you want to check a candidate’s availability, send out job alerts or start the preselection for a vacancy? With the WhatsApp function in Joboti you can send messages to multiple candidates at once, or automatically at preselected times. The virtual assistant by Joboti registers and responds to the answers, linking these to useful data in OTYS.

OTYS integration

  • Each WhatsApp conversation saved in OTYS
  • Insight in your colleagues’ conversations.
  • Send a WhatsApp message to multiple candidates at once. 
  • Possibilities: Job alerts, preselection, availability checks, planning meetings
  • GDPR-proof

Curious about the connection between Joboti and OTYS, or want to learn more about our approach? Get in contact with us!

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