Improve recruitment processes with WhatsApp

Improve your recruitment processes with WhatsApp
by Lars | 23 February 2022 | Blog

Improve recruitment processes with Joboti’s WhatsApp solutions and avoid tedious and time-consuming jobs.

Improve recruitment processes with the Joboti WhatsApp solutions. We offer recruiters various options to improve and automate boring and time-consuming recruitment processes. Think, for example, of the automated sending of job alerts or the automatic renewal of the privacy policy. But you can also check the availability of your candidates directly from the ATS with which you work via WhatsApp.

Almost all your candidates use WhatsApp. It is in the top 3 of most used apps with almost everyone. You can easily connect our virtual recruitment assistant to WhatsApp. For this you need a WhatsApp Business account that you connect to a phone number. This can be a mobile number, but it can also be the current landline number of your organization. All conversations that our virtual assistant has with candidates in WhatsApp are registered and logged -fully GDPR proof- in your ATS. That way everyone is always informed.

Curious about all the possibilities of WhatsApp? Improve your recruitment processes now and schedule a personal demo for free!

Recruitment Tech Awards 2022

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