How important is the tone of your chatbot?

How important is the tone of your chatbot
by Lars | 23 February 2022 | Blog

Together with Nicol Tadema from VoorTekst, our Luuk wrote an article for Werf& about the importance of text in a chatbot. As a recruiter, you use a different tone in your selection interviews and recruitment texts when you recruit technicians, compared to, for example, stock clerks. That is why it is important that your recruitment chatbot also uses the right tone in conversations with candidates. You can read why and how you do this in the full article here.

A lot of respone outside office hours

A chatbot can make a recruiter’s life a lot easier. The condition is that it must work properly. Not only in terms of technology, but also in terms of language. A quick calculation: a week consists of 168 hours, of which an average of 40 are worked. This means that there is no recruiter available for 128 hours. “And our analysis shows that 45% of all chat conversations are after work or on weekends. For a candidate, these are the moments to apply. Then it is also nice to get a direct response,” says Luuk van Neerven, co-founder of Joboti.

A chatbot not only helps with the candidate experience, it is also a tool for the recruiter. If a candidate is looking for a new job, the chatbot can immediately conjure up the perfect vacancy based on a series of well-thought-out questions. “A chatbot will not replace the recruiter, only assist,” explains Luuk. “Standard questions that recruiters encounter on a daily basis are picked up by this chatbot. This way the recruiter can fully focus on the candidate again.”

Strength of words

Nicol Tadema, founder and director of VoorTekst: “I believe in the strength of words. And the possibilities that text and chatbots have are endless. The way you address someone is the maker or the breaker. an applicant or no applicant. Take a production employee at a factory, for example, you address this man or woman in a different way than, for example, a senior accountant.”

It is Nicol’s dream that the standard application form is replaced by chatbots. “The combination of technology and text now makes this dream come true. The flow of chatbot messages and the dialogue must be right to lower the threshold to apply for a job.” Luuk adds: “The step to apply does not get any smaller if someone has to fill in a whole list of mandatory fields. A chatbot makes this process much more fun. A text like ‘we are almost there’ if you as a candidate are about to dropping out can just be the trigger to send your resume anyway.”

In short: from a chilly, cold and static form where you click ‘send’ with sweaty hands to a fluent conversation where you leave your resume in no time.

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