How DPG got a grip on the influx of newspaper deliverers with a data-driven campaign

by Lars | 22 February 2023 | Blog

Due to too high an outflow and too low an influx, DPG Distribution urgently needs 1,000 freelance newspaper deliverers. But how do you make newspaper delivery appealing to young people, without scaring off the important target group of adults and seniors?

DPG called in Jobsrepublic and Joboti and opted for a diversified campaign with its own story for each target group. “After just two weeks, we noticed that the quality of the registrations was much better. We now often get hold of the interested parties immediately.”

Joboti has made it possible to apply via WhatsApp and the applications at DPG landed directly in their ATS. Because three different campaigns were used for three different target groups, the tone of voice per campaign was completely different. For example, the conversation in WhatsApp was much more informal for students than for DPG’s older target group. However, it is a lot more accessible for all target groups to apply via WhatsApp, because you do not have to fill in a lengthy application form with all kinds of attachments.

Each group has its own story

Young people think newspaper delivery is not hip, not tough, not sexy. But it pays well and you can do it at times when you wouldn’t otherwise be doing anything else quickly. Completely different motives play a role in seniors. These people do not deliver newspapers for the money, but see it more as a healthy daily activity and often enjoy doing it from social involvement. To seduce these target groups, you have to serve them individually with their own story.

The personalization at candidate level is not limited to the image, texts and presentation of the offer. For the elderly, for example, the focus is mainly on a callback function, where the young people can immediately start a conversation with a chatbot via WhatsApp from Joboti. For example, the elderly can immediately see how many steps they have taken on their pedometer, while young people are more concerned with the euros. All behavior on the page is measured and used for next steps.

This customer case was the winning entry of the public award for the Werf& Awards 2021 and can be read extensively on this website.

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