Ask, with the help of our virtual recruitment assistant, for feedback once an application has been completed. You can also send messages to keep candidates informed about an ongoing procedure.

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Our virtual recruitment assistant can be linked to any stage in the application process. That way you can easily ask for feedback via WhatsApp. For example after an interview or at the end of the application process. Our virtual assistant links the feedback to the candidate profile in your ATS and emails the involved recruiter the results of the feedback,


Are you ordering a laptop at Bol.com or Coolblue today? Then you can track 24/7 where the parcel is. Is it still in the distribution center? Or is the delivery man already on his way and is he almost at your house?

How different is it when you apply for a job? With a little luck you will receive a generic email immediately after your application that your application has been received in good order. But after that the waiting game begins. While a job application is normally more of a life-changing event than buying a laptop.

The use of a virtual recruitment assistant in WhatsApp significantly improves the candidate experience during the application process. For example, by automatically sending a message to the candidates at certain steps. With an emphasis on the word automatically: as a recruiter you are busy enough with intakes and employment conditions interviews and the search for suitable candidates.

In these automatic WhatsApp messages you can keep candidates informed of the status 24/7, just like with a laptop. You can also, for example, give tips prior to a job interview. If a candidate still has questions after that, the virtual assistant will automatically forward to the recruiter. Pretty handy, right?