Growth investor AP Invest invests in Joboti

by Lars | 23 February 2022 | Blog

The Dutch smart recruitment automation platform Joboti receives a growth investment from AP Invest, an investment company that helps HR and recruitment companies to grow further. “With this investment and through the contribution of the network and the knowledge of the entrepreneurs behind AP Invest, we can realize our ambition to become the market leader in recruitment automation and candidate engagement”, says Luuk van Neerven, CEO of Joboti.

“Candidates are increasingly difficult to reach by telephone and e-mail. Joboti makes recruitment processes smarter by using chatbots and automated conversations. This virtual recruitment assistant from Joboti, which can also be integrated into WhatsApp, speeds up and simplifies the tasks of recruiters. This allows clients to contact candidates faster, reach more candidates for their vacancies and they are available 24/7.”

Hundreds of conversations

Joboti’s chatbots conduct hundreds of conversations with candidates every day, of which 47% outside regular office hours. More than 100 organizations currently use Joboti’s smart recruitment chatbots, including Gamma, Easy Way and Prorail and well-known secondment agencies. At the end of 2020, Joboti was finalist of the Recruitment Tech Awards.

“We have successfully allowed Joboti to grow on its own in recent years,” says Luuk. “We want to continue that growth and that is why we want to invest in our people, organization and further product development. We were looking for an investor who not only wanted to make capital available, but who would also actively help with the further professionalization of our organization. With Andy Verstelle and Paul Storimans we bring on board two partners who have earned their spurs in the HR and recruitment market, the ideal partner to help us with our further growth.”

Innovative proposition

Andy Verstelle and Paul Storimans, founders of AP Invest. “In Joboti we recognize the qualities that we also find important in companies. A strong innovative proposition, founders with a no-nonsense approach and very satisfied customers.

Recruitment will always be a human activity, obviously. The use of smart tools can help recruiters and candidates perform repetitive and standard tasks and to make data available in underlying applications. With the help of Joboti, those tasks can be done much smarter, faster, easier and cheaper.”

About AP Invest

AP Invest helps entrepreneurs in HR technology companies who want to grow faster. After the sale of the companies they co-founded, Sterksen and HR2day, Andy and Paul joined forces and help promising companies grow faster and more sustainably by making “smart capital” available. In addition to making capital available, they help entrepreneurs with marketing and sales activities, setting up a sales and development organization and, if desired, financial and legal insights and analyses. Each of them has won many prizes with their companies, including 13 FD Gazelle’s. Together they have more than 50 years of experience in the HR industry.

The founders of Joboti and AP Invest

In the photo the founders of Joboti and AP Invest. From left to right:

Paul Storimans, AP Invest
Luuk van Neerven, CEO Joboti
Stephan Kockelkoren, CTO Joboti
Andy Verstelle, AP Invest

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