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Find out what a Joboti chatbot can offer your company!

Joboti creates smart (recruitment) chatbots. They digitise a part of the recruitment process and make you achieve higher conversion rates, 24/7 availability, speed, efficiency and an improved customer experience. 

Configure and Personalise

This category contains the features: ‘different languages’, ‘tone of voice’, ‘handpick your questions’ and ‘artificial intelligence’.


This category includes the features: ‘ATS- connection’, ‘calendar integration’ and ‘chat channels’.


This category contains the feature ‘analytics’.

Configure and Personalise

You may wish to adjust the tone of voice of your chatbot. This is important, because you speak a different language with candidates than with other companies, for instance. You might choose a street language kind of tone and approach a candidate with: ‘Hey sales master! Cool you wanna apply!’ Or you stick to formal language: ‘Good afternoon, thank you for your interest.’ Our chatbot easily adjusts to your company culture and target audience. With regard to the tone of voice the sky is the limit: the chatbot can use a different tone in the morning than in the evening, for example. It is also possible to use emoji’s and GIFs.

Handpick your questions

In addition to determining the tone of voice, you can handpick the questions your chatbot asks candidates. You can even determine which question is asked when. Every single day we build new recruitment chatbots. Therefore, we have a lot of questions readily available for you. In case your questions are not among them, you can conveniently add them. Pre-selection will be much more efficient by asking a few critical questions straight up. You will end up with mere suitable candidates.

Artificial Intelligence 

Joboti’s chatbots are very eager to learn. They continuously pick up on things: What does this question mean? How should I approach this person?

You help them learn. When you purchase a Joboti chatbot, you get a certain amount of basic conversation templates with it. However, our chatbots are capable of so much more! They learn from what their interlocuters say and do, they remember replies and they gather information along the way.

Every single day our chatbots have hundreds of conversations with candidates of other clients. All this chitchat makes smarter. To your advantage!

The longer you use the chatbot, the better it performs – and the more questions about your company it can answer.


ATS ingtegration

Our chatbot is connected to your ATS system. All data our chatbot gathers (candidates’ names, phone numbers, resumes) is immediately inserted into the correct ATS fields. Very efficient and totally GDPR proof. Currently, we connect to OTYS, Carerix, Bullhorn, HROffice and more. Click here for a full overview. Practically every month new recruitment systems are added to this list, so if yours is not there yet, please let us know.

Calendar integration

Joboti connects its chatbots to your website as well as to the calendar of your recruiters. This allows candidates to make appointments at moments that suit you. Subsequently, the bot sends an automatic email and/or WhatsApp confirmation of the appointments to the candidates. Simultaneously, every appointment is put in your schedule. Easy peasy! We sync to Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar, as well as to calendars of various recruitment systems. 

Chat channels 

At this moment we can integrate the chatbot with three different channels: WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and your website. For the integration with WhatsApp you will need a business account which can be obtained from our partner CM.com. Your website visitors will get the royal treatment: they can decide for themselves which chat channel they prefer. If they visit your vacancy page and they have a question, the chatbot will happily answer them 24/7. After applying, the candidates will be informed about the status of their application via, for instance, WhatsApp.



Naturally, you will want to closely monitor the use of your chatbot. You might have questions such as: “When do candidates use the bot?” Or: “What kind of questions do they ask?” No need to worry, we keep score of everything for you!

Alongside the option to personalise your chatbot, you will get a full overview of its operation: how many chats has it had, what were they about and which subjects were often discussed? The chatbot also knows which vacancies are most popular. These data show how your chatbot performs and what info it might not yet be able to process. Easy for you to adjust in the builder.

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