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by Lars | 22 February 2023 | Blog

Wiver is an employment agency that provides employees for mainly logistics functions. They have 10 locations throughout the Netherlands. So you can imagine that Wiver’s intermediaries sometimes have to be patient to get hold of all their employees for a new job. Reason enough for Joost Visser, Financial Manager at Wiver, to see what Joboti can offer them.

Curious about Wiver’s story? Then read on quickly!

Wiver offers logistics companies a helping hand with temporary workers who can start immediately, and often even within one hour and throughout the Netherlands. With 10 branches throughout the Netherlands, the spread is large and you would think that an application and quick intake is easy to do. Right? Wrong! The process was initially done by telephone and e-mail and at Wiver they soon found out that it had to be done a lot faster.

What was your situation like before Wiver started working with Joboti?

“Prior to the implementation of Joboti, communication was mainly via telephone and e-mail based on the reactions received via the website,” says Joost. “But there is a delaying element here, because Wiver wants to focus on a contact moment and preferably also an intake as quickly as possible. Joboti’s solutions have automated this process and it is now possible to schedule an appointment with an intermediary immediately during a job application. The response time has been significantly reduced and that is essential for us.”

Joost says that at a certain point Wiver could no longer do without using WhatsApp. “WhatsApp messaging is the means of communication of the younger employees and, before we joined forces with Joboti, this went via the intermediary’s business mobile phone without any follow-up being possible and without this being recorded in OTYS for the organization. Thanks to Joboti’s WhatsApp Smart Inbox, all app traffic is now automatically saved in OTYS.”

Wiver supplies logistics personnel throughout the Netherlands

How did the implementation go and how do colleagues at the various locations of Wiver experience Joboti’s solutions?

“I have yet to experience an implementation that runs smoothly,” Joost says laughing. “In fact, it seems almost impossible to me. But because there were short lines with Joboti’s Customer Success Managers during the implementation, a clear consultation structure was set up and immediate follow-up was given to solving a problem that had arisen, this process actually cost little energy!”

Because not all functionalities were available from the get go, Joboti implemented the various solutions at Wiver in phases. The WhatsApp Smart Inbox via OTYS and the ATS-Chat implementation therefore went a lot faster and without any real significant problems. Applying for WhatsApp and automatically scheduling appointments via Joboti in particular have given the application process a serious boost and this has proven to be an added value for Wiver, especially for the younger candidates,” says Joost proudly.

Final words

“Communication via WhatsApp where the conversations are logged in your ATS, scheduling automated appointments and applying for a job via WhatsApp is now a thing of the past, as a broadcaster you can no longer do without it. Embrace it and take advantage of it,” Joost concludes.

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