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Facebook chatbot

Would you like to learn more about a HR chatbot connected to Facebook?

Connection with Facebook

A phone call and an email are still the most popular means of communicating with candidates, even though responses are often low and replies can take a long time. Candidates who are not glued to their laptops all day long, do not check their email as frequently as you might expect. Besides: does your email really stand out between the other 50?

By incorporating Facebook into the application process, candidates will reply more quickly. Also, it increases conversion!

Applying via Facebook

Everyone complains that there are not enough (good) applicants to fill vacancies. Then why do we make it so difficult for candidates to apply?

We notice that having to upload your CV is still very often a mandatory step in the online recruitment process. It is of great importance to make the application process as simple as possible, particularly now that more than half of all candidates visit your career site via their smartphones or iPads. But few candidates have their CV’s ready on their cell phones and will therefore refrain from applying. 

Why wouldn’t you simplify the whole application process? A chatbot gives the opportunity to gather a lot of info on your candidates in a fun Facebook Messenger chat.

Joboti connects the chatbot in Facebook Messenger to your recruitment system (ATS). This way, all data provided by candidates via chat are also AVG proof, and directly stored in the right places in your ATS.

The advantage of Facebook

99% of all candidates have the Facebook app on their cell phones,

Candidates appreciate replying to (application) questions via chat much higher than via a form,

It is proven that candidates share more data in a dialogue via chat than on a form,

Facebook gives candidates the opportunity to easily ask questions about the position, or, for instance, ask about the status of their application at a later stage,

The conversion will improve and you will receive more applications.

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