Stay informed about the availability of your candidates. You can also send them a job alert or ask for an GDPR update using our virtual recruitment assistant.

  • Availability
  • GDPR
  • Job alerts


A candidate can connect just as well with a new assignment, but if he is not available, leaving 3 voicemail messages doesn’t make much sense. How can you keep the availability of candidates up to date easily? With our virtual assistent!

Our virtual assistent asks candidates to pass on their current availability via WhatsApp. Once a candidate does this, the information is automatically updated in his or her profile in your ATS. From now on you always know which candidates are available and when. That saves a lot of time and hassle.


Under the GDPR, you must regularly check with candidates whether they still agree with the retention of their data. Many organizations therefore send e-mails with the request for permission. Not every candidate opens those emails. Depending on your privacy policy, you may need to remove candidates who do not respond from your ATS. A waste of the established relationship and, unfortunately, also a time-consuming job.

A virtual recruitment assistant offers the solution! Through a simple WhatsApp message, candidates see the request for permission immediately on their phone. They send a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ back and on you go. The virtual assistant registers the answer directly in your ATS.

Job alert

Job alerts point out interesting new assignments or vacancies to your candidates. Normally you send these via email, where they get lost in a web of hundreds of other emails. You want to make your job alert stand out. Thanks to our integration with WhatsApp your selected candidates see –PING– your job alerts immediately on their phone.

A WhatsApp message is opened by 99% of the candidates. People also respond much faster to a WhatsApp message than to an email. Also handy: the candidate’s response is processed directly in your ATS. And our virtual recruitment assistant doesn’t sit still either; an email is sent directly to the recruiter involved when the candidate responds.

Recruitment Tech Awards 2022

We hebben de Recruitmenttech.nl Awards gewonnen! Iedereen heel erg bedankt voor jullie steun en stemmen in de afgelopen tijd. We hadden het niet zonder jullie gekund!