Category: staffing-recruitment | 23 February 2022

At Easy Way RGF you can apply via WhatsApp in 2 minutes

Easy Way RGF recruits a high volume of candidates and the target group is very diverse. But how have automated application, pre-selection and interview scheduling via WhatsApp significantly improved this process?

The Easy Way application process was a costly, time-consuming, unattractive and non-scalable process. Enough reasons to optimize the application process.

Via WhatsApp, our virtual recruitment assistant ensures that both recruiters and candidates go through the application process faster more efficiently and with more fun. Because the pre selection now takes place via the virtual recruitment assistant, the recruiter can focus more on the qualitative selection of candidates’ soft skills.


This client case is also our entry for the Recruitment Tech Awards 2021 and can be read in detail on this website.

Recruitment Tech Awards 2022

We hebben de Recruitmenttech.nl Awards gewonnen! Iedereen heel erg bedankt voor jullie steun en stemmen in de afgelopen tijd. We hadden het niet zonder jullie gekund!