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For which chat channels can you use the chatbot?

Of course you can easily connect your HR chatbot to your website. But you can also use it in combination with WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

Chatbot in WhatsApp

Every candidate uses WhatsApp, without exception. Turns out, almost every candidate puts WhatsApp in his top 3 of apps that he or she uses on a daily, perhaps even hourly basis.

Now you can easily connect our recruitment chatbot to WhatsApp. You will need a WhatsApp business account and link it to a phone number. This may be your cell, but also the landline of your organisation. All WhatsApp chats between our bot and your candidates are fully logged and registered in your recruitment system. This way everybody stays up to date. And of course it is 100% GDPR proof.  

Advantages WhatsApp chatbot

99% of candidates use WhatsApp on a daily basis.

Candidates reply (much) quicker to a text than to an email or voicemail.

All WhatsApp chats with our chatbot are logged into your ATS.

Chatbot on your recruitment website

When candidates visit your website or check out a recruitment page, a virtual assistant can easily help them out. Our data show that over 50% of all candidates visit your website outside of office hours, while you are relaxing and enjoying your evening or weekend. Your virtual assistant works 24/7 and can help candidates (and clients) immediately. You get to decide on which pages the chatbot pops up. The chat window can be entirely adjusted to your corporate identity.


Chatbot in Facebook Messenger

Do you approach candidates via social media? Do you advertise on Facebook? Our virtual assistant can be connected to Facebook Messenger and talk to candidates 24/7. Not just to answer questions, but also to let them apply directly via Facebook, for example. All data are automatically stored in your ATS.

HR chatbot in Microsoft Teams

In order for you to easily chat to your colleague, you might use Microsoft Teams. Particularly in these remarkable times it is convenient to send a quick message. We can now connect our HR chatbot to Teams. That implies that our virtual assistant, just like your colleagues, can be easily reached via Teams. You can ask the chatbot any HR query you might have, for instance about taking leave or about a new expense plan.