Our ATS integrations

Currently we are connecting to several ATS-systems. Here is a list of Joboti’s partners. Can’t find your ATS? Please contact us. Chances are we are already working on the integration. 

Do you use Bullhorn as ATS system? Perfect! We can connect our chatbot to Bullhorn and, for instance, have candidates apply via WhatsApp. All data immediately end up in Bullhorn.

Carerix is the first ATS that Joboti connected. Not only can we import candidate data in Carerix, but we can also, for example, start up chats via WhatsApp with your current candidates in Carerix.

CATS is a very flexible ATS. CATS’ API offers many great uses for our chatbot. For example, approaching your current candidates directly via WhatsApp. All data that are gathered are directly stored in CATS, AVG proof.

Our chatbot has a brilliant integration with Connexys. Candidates can apply via chat, and you can use our chatbot to text with them in WhatsApp. 

Are you using Hireserve as an ATS? Good for you! Our chatbots offer many options in combination with Hireserve. From applying via WhatsApp and answering your candidates’ FAQ 24/7.

Do you, as a recruiter, use HROffice in order to keep track of all vacancies and candidates? Good! Then our chatbot can be an excellent assistant. By connecting Joboti with HROffice we make applying easier and more fun.

Recruitee has a lot to offer to recruiters. Connecting our recruitment chatbot with Recruitee creates even more possibilities. Let candidates apply via WhatsApp, or send them job alerts via WhatsApp, directly from Recruitee. 

Do you have a smashing Work at page of Getnoticed? Or do you use Serena’s CMS for your recruitment marketing and other things? Excellent choice! Our chatbots fully integrate with the websites of these funky specialists from Nederweert.

Joboti can connect to OTYS via an API. An increasing number of OTYS clients are using this integration in order to improve their conversion. 

Joboti integrates EasyCruit’s ATS via an API.  An increasing number of Easycruit clients make use of this connection in order to improve their conversion. Here is a brief description of the possibilities of the connection between our chatbot and EasyCruit.

The combination of Tigris and our recruitment chatbot offers many possibilities to further digitise your recruitment process. 

Is your ATS (applicant tracking system) not there? Not to worry; we can also implement the chatbot into other systems. Please contact us and ask about the possibilities.