Make the application process even easier with the help of our virtual recruitment assistant. Ask additional screening questions or schedule an interview appointment right away.

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The apply button is probably the most important one on your entire website. We believe that applying can be done faster. Much faster! Namely with our virtual recruitment assistant or WhatsApp. Applying via a virtual assistant is child’s play, so you’ll receive more applications too.

By adding a WhatsApp button to your website, candidates are encouraged to apply via a direct connection in WhatsApp. Just enter your mobile number and agree to start the chat and you have contact! Of course you decide which questions the virtual assistant asks each candidate. These can of course differ per vacancy. You also determine the tone of voice yourself. This way you optimally adapt the conversation to your target group.

A website builder or developer is often not needed in this process: Google Tag Manager places the button on your website in no time. And if necessary, Joboti will obviously assist you with this.


For example, if a candidate has only left his or her name, telephone number and e-mail address via your website, it is difficult to assess whether he or she is really suitable. By means of a number of pre selection questions that our virtual recruitment assistant asks, you will know in no time whether the candidate is suitable or not.


A new candidate has applied at your company. You are enthusiastic about his profile and would like to invite him or her for an interview. In the past you had to look for possibilities in your agenda, email those possibilities, wait for a response and schedule the appointment after many messages back and forth.

That can be done much faster now. If you give the candidate the status ‘invite’ in your ATS, our virtual assistant will immediately send a WhatsApp message with the good news and the available dates for the interview. Because we link real-time with your calendar, the candidate can schedule the interview himself. That saves you at least 10 minutes, per candidate!

Nick Bijvanck

WhatsApp Apply

Applying for jobs faster and easier by using the automated job interview from Joboti. It offers an improved service to candidates, especially from the mobile experience perspective.

Nick Bijvanck

Online Marketing Specialist, Processionals