Sync your agenda 

Save at least 15 minutes per interview by letting candidates schedule their own appointmens. How much time will this save you annually?

Agenda synchronisation

Recognise this? An interesting candidate seeks info about a certain vacancy, but by the time you have finally found a suitable date, you’ve exchanged three emails, two texts and a voicemail message. Wouldn’t it be much better if a candidate can schedule his own appointments?

Schedule interviews automatically 

Scheduling interviews is very time consuming, for any recruiter. You can make better use of that time! Our chatbot loves to help you out, so that you have more time to shine. By synchronising your agenda with WhatsApp our chatbot simply sends your candidate a text with available interview dates. The candidate replies which date suits him best. And that’s that! Our chatbot schedules the interview in your agenda and sends the candidate a confirmation email. This saves you 15 minutes per interview, at least.

Which agenda’s do we sync?

We synchronise, among others, Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar’s agenda, but also agenda’s of multiple recruitment systems such as Carerix and OTYS. Of course you keep full control of your own agenda: you decide which time blocks the chatbot offers to a candidate. Our recruitment chatbot always doublechecks real time if these blocks are still available. In case they aren’t, for instance because of other meetings, the candidate cannot see them.

Our chatbot also sends an automatic email confirmation of the appointment.

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