In this tense labor market each possible candidate is more than welcome. You will want to make it as easy as possible for the candidate to apply for your vacancies.

On some vacancies, however, you will receive too many applicants and waste a lot of time turning down the applicants who do not match your profile. You will have to send them a polite and timely rejection, too.

By asking several questions, Joboti’s recruitment chatbot can judge whether a candidate matches with the vacancy or not. If the candidate is deemed a good match, the chatbot can induce a job interview. In a chat conversation the chatbot asks for the necessary personal information of the candidate, and sends it to the recruitmentsystem immediately. If there is not a good match between the candidate and the vacancy, the chatbot can point out another vacancy that might be a better fit for the candidate, based on competence, education or living area. In this way, both the candidate and the Recruiter benefit.


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