Out of the 100 candidates who visit your site, only a small amount will actually click the ‘Apply’ button. The average amount of candidates that actually applies, lies somewhere between the 2 and 5 percent of the entire number of visitors. For people who visit your website on their cell phone, this percentage is even lower: the fill-in form does not always compute with the layout of a cell phone.


A chatbot can improve this percentage of applying candidates, by asking the visitors of your website if they are interested in the showed vacancy, or, for example, if they still have any questions left unanswered.

A chatbot is ready to help the candidates on your website – 24/7. Whether they are still orienting and have some more questions, or already want to share their personal information and want to plan a meeting: a chatbot supports your candidate’s needs. All of the assembled information about your candidates will be transferred directly (via an API-linking) in the ATS or recruitment system that you use.

Since our customers use Joboti's chatbot, they receive more appliances. They also experience a growth is the amount of candidates and visitors that apply for a job alert or a vacancy newsletter.


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